• Medical Insurance


    The Watertown-Belmont Chamber of Commerce is excited to participate in the Chamber Health Coop, a purchasing cooperative that makes health insurance more affordable for small businesses.  Chamber Health Coop members could save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on their health insurance from Fallon Community Health Plan and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.  Any Chamber member with 1-50 benefits-eligible employees is eligible to join the Coop and start saving right away.


    “The Commonwealth is pleased to support the new Chamber Health Coop,” Governor Deval Patrick said.  “Small businesses are vital to our continued economic success here in the Commonwealth and we need more innovative programs like the Coop to reduce the high costs of health care that inhibit growth and development.”


    Fallon and Harvard Pilgrim are each offering a 3% discount on a range of plan options to Coop members.  Consider an example business that has eight employees receiving insurance through it, three of which are receiving insurance only for themselves, three for their spouses as well, and two for their families.  Using statewide averages for premiums, this business would be paying about $6,000 a month for its health insurance.  A 3% discount on $6,000 a month works out to $180.  Net of the Coop’s modest membership fees, the business would be saving about $1,300-$1,900 a year on its health insurance by buying through the Coop.  To find out how much your business would save, please contact one of the over 400 brokers working with the Coop, which you can connect with by reaching out to the Chamber or through the Coop’s website.


    In addition to health insurance savings, Coop members also have access to discounted fitness and health club memberships, as well as leading health and wellness programs.  The fitness and health club discounts can be used along with the reimbursement that the insurers provide for fitness and health club memberships.


    To learn more, visit www.ChamberHealthCoop.com or contact the Chamber.